Our Partners

NWRH’s success is due to our ability to communicate effectively with all of our stakeholders. This ensures we develop positive and mutually beneficial relationships.


NWRH has been able to retain and extend contracts from funders due to our positive relationships. These have been formed through our ability to consistently deliver against the contracts. We are proud of our track record of compliance with contracts in the areas of deliverables, financial management and successful acquittal of programs. We have received no disciplinary action at the acquittal of grants due to our ability to understand our environment and our proactive contracts management processes. This includes early identification and communication of any unexpected circumstances. Pre-empting and communicating these inevitable issues has maintained and strengthened our relationships with our funders and ensured no breaches of contract deliverables have occurred.


NWRH has long-established and productive working relationships with a number of partners across state-run health services, the community-controlled sector and education institutions and has paired with a number of network partners with the purpose of:

  • Increasing knowledge and awareness of partner programs and services
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Increasing networking opportunities for the local workforce
  • Increasing capacity for discipline-specific partners to collaborate and support referral pathways.

NWRH acknowledge the program and service partners and funders who assist in the delivery of our health, wellbeing, aged care and disability services.

Partner with Us

NWRH’s capabilities to design innovative programs and purpose-built support systems provides clients and funders the flexibility to negotiate and develop tailored program formats, reporting mechanisms and funding breakdowns to achieve and exceed desired objectives.

With a unique approach to service delivery we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to and understand the needs of Communities and partners and to develop and deploy innovative services to address these needs in an efficient and locally acceptable manner.

To find out more about how NWRH can tailor a solution to suit your needs contact our Chief Executive Officer in the East Coast (Townsville) Corporate Office today